Starting with a blank canvas?

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April 17, 2024

Starting with a blank canvas? 

(by Susan Stover, Builder Services)

You’ve gone through the building process, you’ve made it through the mortgage hurdles, and at last, you are a new homeowner. Now what? 

Purchasing a new home is a rewarding experience filled with excitement and all the feel-goods. Living in a home that is uniquely yours and has never been lived in is a feeling of accomplishment and ownership. Now it is time to take ownership and incorporate all that makes home special to you. 

*Determine the colors that make you feel inspired, but also bring you peace. *Does your furniture fit the space properly? Try different arrangements until you reach your own feng shui. 

*Soften the rooms by adding rugs and window treatments.

*Lighting is a mood-setter! Lamps and dimmable switches create a homey ambiance and either brighten the space for work and fun or soften the room for calm and relaxation,

What an opportunity you have to start fresh! Embrace your inner designer, have fun, and follow your dreams. 

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